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Having completed his five year term as BIA President, Hanshi Hachi dan and UK DNBK official, Mr Allan Tattersall makes way for the new BIA President, Mr Ernest Blackburn.

Japan Trip November 2011.

In November 2011 BIA Chairman Paul Chadburn made the annual trip to Japan to train with Teruhisa Nanno Sensei.

A note from the new President.

As our previous BIA President completes his 5 year term, our new President share his thoughts on Iaido, training and Budo.

The British Iaido Association and it’s links to Iaido in Japan.

We are proud to announce that the BIA has been endorsed by Kyoshi 8th dan Teruhisa Nanno of the Guneikan Dojo in Japan and high ranking member of the ZNIR. Learn more about Nanno Sensei, his thoughts on Iaido training, the Guneikan Dojo, and the exemplary lineage he brings to the BIA.

About the British Iaido Association.

Read about why the British Iaido Association was formed, what we are about and how we view our training. Also read about the lineage of the British Iaido Association to ZNIR 22nd Soke Ikeda Takeshi Seiko Sensei and our part in a tradition stretching back over 400 years.

The structure of the British Iaido Association.

Read about how the British Iaido Association is structured

Join the BIA

British Iaido Association The BIA are now taking applications for membership. Click here to download a membership form. For more information, please contact us

Iaido Manual

Iaido Manual Buy Teruhisa Nanno Sensei’s Book “Iai–Do Japanese Sword Drawing Techniques and Spiritual Training”.
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BIA Instructors

Chairman - Paul Chadburn Read more about the British Iaido Association Chairman Paul Chadburn in this short biography.