Paul Chadburn - British Iaido Association Chairman

Paul Chadburn

I first started training at the age of 18 in the noble art of Boxing down at the YMCA in Blackburn. and having done this for some time, then went on to our local Kick Boxing club, where I also got my first look at the empty hand martial art of Ju Jitsu, and in 1989 joined.

My first introduction to weapons, like many in the martial arts, was through my empty hand training and although it was enjoyable always felt a need to understand them in greater detail.

In 1999 I left the club I had been with for many years but yet still remained friends and started to walk my own path, and then took this opportunity to make martial arts my living.

It was at this point I decided to broaden my horizons and further my own personal knowledge, and this included the sword. So having had a look at a few of the mainstream clubs and associations it became more and more apparent that the style I was looking for was Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu, so I set about with help trying to find such an instructor. This finally came to fruition in 2007, when our former president and now Vice Chairman Allan Tattersall whilst in Japan with DNBK, arranged to meet with the Soke of the ZNIR, and was formally introduced to Teruhisa Nanno sensei. Later that same year I was in Japan again with the BIA president and long-time friend and Sensei Ernest Blackburn to train with Teruhisa Nanno sensei and although I struggled to understand at the beginning, am now proud to not only call him my Sensei, but also my friend.

This association to me is about having legitimate Iaido training in the style of MJER from an Instructor with a lineage that is beyond question, in Iaido. So if this is a mind-set that suites you then come and have a look at us, or drop us an email, and if you are just looking then thank you for taking the time to read and enjoy your journey.

  • 5th Dan Iaido BIA (British Iaido Association)
  • 4th Dan Ju Jitsu Ydachi Schools.
  • 2nd Dan Kick Boxing.
  • B.J.J.A. G.B. Registered level 4 coach.
  • A.B.A. Full coach.
  • A.B.A. Course qualified referee.
  • N.V.Q. equivalents in Self Defence.
  • N.V.Q. equivalents Response and Restraint techniques.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed. Also I hope that you walk your path in Budo and meet as many people and have as much fun as I am having.

Yours in Budo, Paul Chadburn.